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We love what we do. We are passionate about helping working families stay informed and connected to their unions. And we know the harder we work and the better we get at it as a team, the more effective we can be for your organization.

SEIU 620

SEIU Local 620 works hard to communicate with their members. Partnering with Linked Union and making an app has made this process more efficient and effective. Using the push notification tool, SEIU Local 620 is pushing their union into the next generation of communication and organizing potential new members.

UFCW 1167

UFCW Local 1167 has made connecting with its members much easier. Using the “Member Discounts” feature, Local 1167 is able to make discounts available to all their members wherever they are. Members now have a digital pocketbook with their contract, forms and access to information to stay informed, engaged and empowered in their union.

UFCW 480

UFCW Local 480 has been able to notify their members every step of the way. Whenever they have negotiation updates, their members know within minutes. Using the Shop Union feature, members can support union stores and get special discounts only available to union members.


PFFI has been a pioneer in communication for firefighters in Idaho. Being able to contact PFFI affiliates anywhere in the state has kept firefighters involved during contract updates. Fire OPS Training, the Firefighters Bill of Rights and Political Actions are now available to all PFFI members that have the app on their phone.


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